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If you've arrived at this page from please note that since moving to the United States I can no longer edit that site. This site ( is now the only site I keep regularly updated. You'll find many new items and pages on this site compared to the old one, so please either bookmark this site or otherwise ensure you use this site instead of the old one. Thanks, Ray

Gloucestershire Volunteer Artillery Website

The stories on these pages are not typical of the British military; this is probably why I find them interesting, as I hope you do too. In some I was an active participant, other I merely witnessed, some of them, luckily, I had nothing to do with. Of those that I only heard about, I've done no checking into their authenticity, they are simply repeated here as they were told to me.

Once you have finished with these stories you may like to visit Pull up a Sandbag or US Military Humour

I should also point out that I am very proud to have served in HM Forces. British armed forces are the best in the world but they are made up of people and people sometimes make mistakes.

Imagine the scene, about a dozen or so youngish, fairly fit men stood around a bar with copious amounts of beer discussing the events of the day. Nothing unusual about that, except this is an SNCOs mess and our business involves doing some very nasty things to other people. It also helps that the beer is on an honour system where you sign your mess book as to how much beer you've had and are then billed at the end of the month. The 'Gang of Four' of which I was a member, probably spent more time and money in this bar than all the rest of the people entitled to use it put together. Someone grabs hold of the chandelier and starts it gently swaying, we all turn to listen to yet another War Story ...

  • War Stories - Index
    • War Pics 1 - Trench, Hide, Toilet, My 432, Ferret, Canoe
    • War Pics 2 - Sleep, Climbing, Rescue, Air Landing, Heavy Drop, No Fun
    • Recruits 1 - Drill, Right Wheel, Dustbins, Chairs
    • Recruits 2 - Brasso, Lake, Jail, Why?, Not funny at all
    • Dumps - Toilet humour
    • Exercise 1 - Divisional attack
    • Exercise 2 - An old Ferret
    • Exercise 3 - Brrrr
    • Exercise 4 - Bath, Sleep, Umbrella, Love, Stallingrad, Security, Mortar, Water, Idle
    • Vehicles - Beach Landing, Staff car 1, Staff car 2, Fire, Rescue, Bike
    • NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
    • Danger UXB - Mortars, Shell, Fire, Starlight, Grenade, Danger Close, End of Course
    • Dangerous - Chickens, Meeting People, FIBUA, Cordite
    • By Air and by Sea - Helicopters, Assault, Heavy Drop, Display, At Sea, Teargas & Beer, Long Drop, Canada v US Navy, Other Sites
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