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There are several ways to contact me. Unfortunately, at times I can be incredibly lazy about returning messages and at times I get overwhelmed by the amount of messages I receive, but nearly everything gets answered eventually. I welcome any queries you may have about the site or its contents. I try to make the site as accurate as possible so any corrections to any factual material are also welcome, as are suggestions for the way the site can be improved.


These pages are constantly being updated and now contain three different styles, the original May 1999 design, one made in June 2005, another in May 2014. This version was made in March 2020. I hope you do not find the change in styles too disconcerting. Please feel free to email me about broken links and suggestions for the site.

Simple queries usually get answered straightaway, others take a bit longer for me to reply to. Nearly all emails are eventually replied to.

Message Board / Forum

If you'd like a public discussion about anything on the site then you're welcome to use the forum.

Message board / Forum


A guestbook is available for you to leave your thoughts.

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If you like you can leave a short message and indicate where in the world you're from.

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