Web Stuff

Web Stuff

This section was written in response to questions that I've been asked about HTML and JavaScript. Some are replies to questions asked in the various forums that I frequent, others are simply the result of my curiosity.

I am not an authority on HTML, Scripting or CSS. The information provided here is not a complete guide to site design, using HTML, script, CSS or anything else, there are plenty of other sites that provide far more authoritative information than I can hope to. What is provided here are notes on problems I have faced and what I did about them. The pages also provide practical examples in plain English - something that some other sites don't always provide.

To use most of the code from these pages you will need to copy and paste them to a text only editor before using them on your pages. The reason for this is that you'll find they won't work properly as the HTML formatting codes will be copied across as well. Notepad or something similar will ignore the codes and leave the plain text.

Some of these pages are now over 10 years old as of September 2014. Some of what I wrote is now obsolete and some, I'm sorry to say, were never quite correct in the first place. none the less I hope you find these pages interesting and maybe even some of them useful.

One nice thing about web pages is that if you find an effect or function that you like you can take a look at the source code, see how it works and adapt it for for your pages. It is good courtesy to email the owner of the page and ask if you can copy bits from it.

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